Why Stella McCartney Is My Favorite Designer

February 12, 2018

I actually used to think there was something wrong with me because I didn’t want a Louis Vuitton. It seemed like getting the brown bag with LV’s all over it was a coming of age or something. I thought I must not be a “purse girl” and I would just never want to spend that much money on a bag! Even Chanel didn’t really tickle my fancy! Like, is a girl even a girl if she doesn’t desire Chanel??? I was worried about my well-being here in the 1st world. Turns out, I’m not a total weirdo and I am a purse girl… I just needed a little more out of my designer. Although Louis, Chanel, Gucci, etc. all make some beautiful things, I felt like if I was going to drop some serious cash I needed something more in line with my values.

When I found out Stella McCartney never uses leather, or fur in her products and puts respect for people, animals, and nature at the forefront of her brand, I became a big fan. I immediately started saving up for my first Stella like I was Carrie Bradshaw feening for Manolo Blahniks. My pretty Stella didn’t come with any buyers remorse or guilt like I know another brand would have… and most importantly it didn’t steal any skin off an animal that needs it a lot more than I do. Stella McCartney is proving that you can work with nature instead of against it, pay people fair wages, and respect animals and their habitats and still hang with the top dogs in the fashion industry. I hope other brands start following in her footsteps soon.

Besides her mission being totally awesome, I love the quality of her materials. If you haven’t felt a Stella McCartney handbag, walk your booty into Nordstrom and just touch. Leather could never feel or look like that. I also love that she doesn’t make her name the main part of her designs. You can’t mistake her unique style for any other brand so there is no need for her to print her initials all over her designs. Supporting such a compassionate high end brand feels and looks so good. I feel like Stella is the ultimate “Hi Maintenance Hippie”.

Stella, if you’re reading this, I love you!!! Thanks for killin’ it in the fashion world instead of killing animals. Excuse me while I go back to work so I can start saving for my first pair of your shoes.


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