(raw)view: Pomegranate Cafe

November 30, 2017

I had heard about Pomegranate Café from a few different people but since it’s not very close to where I live, it took me awhile to get over to try it. My sister was in town visiting me and since she is my favorite eating partner, I took her on a drive to go check it out. My sister lives in Chicago where there are lots of great vegan and vegetarian restaurants so she is kind of a harsh critic; but overall, she and I both really enjoyed Pomegranate Café.

The restaurant is in an area of Phoenix that I’m not very familiar with, but the ambiance when we walked in the door was immediately so welcoming and homey. We enjoyed dinner there but I think the restaurant has more of a casual lunch vibe. The menu is mostly vegan but has some vegetarian options as well. I love that over 98% of the ingredients are organic and non GMO and that they use seasonal local products as much as possible. Also, they can make pretty much anything gluten free. The menu has so many great options and two girls can only eat and drink so much so we will have to go back and try more.

We ordered a couple yummy drinks, vegan nachos, vegan and gluten free mac and cheese and a mushroom-lentil burger wrapped in collard greens. The vegan nachos were undeniably delicious… I’m almost positive even meat-eaters would agree. My favorite was the Pom Burger because it was full of so many tasty and beautiful superfood ingredients. There’s something about eating food so naturally colorful that just makes you feel vibrant and healthy inside. The only thing we had that we weren’t crazy about was the mac ‘n cheese. I think it was the pasta that they use that I’m not a fan of because I’ve used the same brand at home and haven’t had much luck. FYI, the brand is Ancient Harvest and I think the texture of the noodles just doesn’t work for me. Even though we were so full, we made that “who knows when we will be able to come back here again” excuse and indulged in dessert too. We shared a vegan cookie dough truffle and a raw vegan ‘snickers’ bar for dessert and they were both worth all the extra unneeded calories.

I love supporting local family owned businesses that make REAL healthy food, care about our planet, and have so many awesome vegan options. I will definitely be visiting Pomegranate Café again especially because I must try some of their smoothies, juices and bowls. I wish it was a little closer to me in Scottsdale, but I did hear they are opening up a second location so hopefully I will be able to go there more often. I definitely recommend trying Pomegranate Café for yourself and I will be sure to let you guys know when I get to dig in to some of their other  presumably delicious menu options.

Check out the website for more info. and the whole menu here… http://www.pomegranatecafe.com


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