Products With Purpose- Love Is Project

March 11, 2018

This “Love” bracelet is so cute, right? But it’s not just a pretty face. These beautiful bracelets are handmade by women of the Maasai tribe in rural Kenya. Profits help create a sustainable livelihood for the women and their families in this community. Since starting in Kenya, the initiative has expanded and is now creating jobs and fostering local artisanal craftsmanship in Southeast Asia and South America as well.

The “Love Is Project” not only creates jobs for impoverished women, but also inspires positive conversations about the meaning of love. With all the hate and war going on in the world, this project has encouraged conversation about the brighter side of life. People from all walks of life in countries around the world have started sharing their inspiring love stories. It is connecting people through the universal feeling of love while also bringing jobs to communities in need.

This bracelet was purchased before I stopped buying leather products but there are many beautiful vegan friendly options on the “Love Is Project” website. They also make amazing collars for your pup! If you are interested in becoming involved in the “Love Is Project” or would like to purchase the beautifully crafted bracelets, head to Also, look out for the bracelets at Whole Foods Market and American Eagle Outfitters.

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