Officially Not Missing Leather

November 12, 2017

As if I needed more confirmation that I don’t miss buying leather at all, these leather-free boots practically screamed at me “Hey Girl! I’m cuter than those $375 leather boots you bought last year!”

Every year I spend too much money on new Fall boots and tell myself it’s okay because they are “classic” and I will wear them again next year. This year I decided not to lie to myself because A) I’m already sick of the “classic” boots I (and everyone else I know) ended up buying last year, ┬áB) I now realize I can spend less, look great, and not harm innocent animals at the same time, and C) I accidentally found these pretty boots at Zara for under $100! It’s basically a win-win-win situation!








They’re still available at Zara for $79.90