My (Raw)view of Daily Harvest

November 9, 2017

Daily Harvest is a service that packages frozen plant-based ingredients together in single serve cups and sends them directly to your door ready to be blended into smoothies or sundaes or thawed into oats, parfaits, or soups.

My genuine opinion of Daily Harvest is that it is a bit expensive; but for the most part is totally worth the price as long as you know how to make it fit your needs. So far, I’ve loved most of the smoothies and ice cream flavors I’ve tried from Daily Harvest but I wasn’t as crazy about the chia parfaits and overnight oats. I haven’t tried the soups yet–it’s just not cold enough here in Arizona for soup–but I will let you know as soon as I do. Read below for my advice on how to make Daily Harvest more affordable, my favorite cups, and a code that will get you your first 3 smoothies free.

How To Make Daily Harvest More Affordable?

You can choose different plans with each cup ranging from $6.99-7.99 and get anywhere from 6-24 cups weekly. Getting the least amount of weekly smoothies would cost about $42 per week or $168 per month which seems pretty steep. However, Daily Harvest allows you to skip orders without getting charged so you can really spend as much as you would like. It’s pretty annoying when a subscription service charges you for skipping an order and usually keeps me from being a customer; so I think Daily Harvest is doing it right. I use it more as a back up plan for the days I run out of time to make my own breakfast or feel like switching up my usual routine. I keep a stock of my favorite smoothies in my freezer and skip each week until I start running low again. This allows me to customize to my specific budget and needs. In my opinion, even an $8 smoothie isn’t too outrageous considering that is about how much it costs to get a smoothie at a restaurant or coffee shop and they typically don’t have nearly as high quality organic ingredients. Also, it’s really nice having your favorite smoothie conveniently waiting for you in your freezer.

My favorite Daily Harvest Items (So far):

Cacao + Avocado Smoothie- Who knew this combination of fruit, vegetables, seeds and cacao could be blended together and taste better than chocolate pudding? This one is so delicious!

Blueberry + Hemp- This yummy blend is full of protein and vitamins. It makes a yummy breakfast and I love the combination of sweet and nutty flavors.

Mango + Camu- I’m pretty sure this vitamin C packed smoothie has saved me from getting sick a few times and it doesn’t hurt that it is light, refreshing and delicious too.

Carrot + Chia- I didn’t think I was going to love this one, but something about the sweet and savory mixture made it one of my favorites… especially for Fall.

First 3 Cups Free Code:

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