Leather That Warms Your Body and Your Heart

November 26, 2017

When I decided to give up buying leather, I thought it was going to feel like a big sacrifice. Turns out it feels pretty damn good. Thanks to some amazing brands that create beautiful leather-like items, it’s a win-win for everyone. I love that I can support ethical companies that don’t hurt animals and still dress the way I want.

It used to be that faux leather was just a way to make items more affordable and therefore sometimes meant uncomfortable material that didn’t bend, move, and keep you warm the way leather would. Thankfully, that’s not the case anymore. Now that there is a bigger purpose behind creating cruelty-free fashion, brands have outdone themselves by developing wonderful materials that will make real leather obsolete one day. You can tell the fabrics are so thoughtfully crafted and maticulously designed that they appear to be real leather but are actually even more comfortable to wear. This vegan leather looks and feels so great that there is no reason to kill and skin animals to fulfill our outfit needs anymore.


Hurry up because it’s on sale at Nordstrom for only $80!!! But don’t worry if you miss it… Blanknyc makes plenty more gorgeous faux leather jackets to choose from. I love a good statement moto jacket, especially when it’s amazing quality and animal free. https://shop.nordstrom.com/s/blanknyc-embroidered-faux-leather-moto-jacket/4451577?contextualcategoryid=2375500&origin=keywordsearch&keyword=blanknyc&page=2&top=72



You’ve heard me talk about Wills Vegan Shoes before. I wear these boots all the time and even though they are pretty simple, I get a lot of compliments. The soles are made of recycled rubber and the “leather” is created with organic bio oil using a plant powered carbon neutral process. They are ethically made in Portugal and PETA approved. Also, they are water resistant and breathable… all which defintiely makes them BETTER than leather made from animal skins. https://wills-vegan-shoes.com/aviator-2-s-black.html?___SID=U

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