How to ACTUALLY Make a Difference in This Big Giant World

October 7, 2017

Sometimes I feel like I’m just one little person trying to make a difference in this big world wondering if my efforts even matter when it seems so few are with me. Depressing, I know.  But we can’t get discouraged and just stop caring and let everything go to sh*t! So what do we do? Most of us don’t have the time or really even personality to protest and fight against every single thing we think is wrong in this world. Could you see me standing on the checkout counter at the grocery store shouting into a megaphone about bad ingredients in our food? Yea, not really my thing. So I’ve found a better way… Someone once told me that every time you purchase something to think of it as a vote. Whether you like it or not, this world we live in is driven by money not morality. So send a clear message with where you spend your money. If you want to support something, buy it. If you don’t want to support something, don’t buy it and urge others to do the same. It’s the loudest and most impactful way to make your opinion known without making a sound.

Anyone can ignore suggestions and complaints, but it’s impossible for businesses and government organizations to disregard where we are spending our money. If a company is providing a service or product and it’s not meeting our standards, we have every right to find one that does and spend our money with them. Trust me, the previous company will not be able to ignore loss in profit and will be forced to change and meet our standards or buh-bye. You have an opportunity to influence positive change every single day and vote where you know it counts… with your wallet.

“Every dollar you spend is a vote for how you want the world to be and who you want to control it” -Unknown

Now, every time I buy something, I think, “Do I want to support this product? Do I agree what the company that provides this stands for? Do I think this product is made of ingredients and materials that deserve my vote? Is this company honest?”

If you don’t like the way the meat industry is producing our meat, don’t vote for it. If you don’t like that the FDA here in our country doesn’t protect us from harmful chemicals, find alternatives that have our best interest in mind. If you hate what plastic bags are doing to our oceans, vote against them by using reusable bags until demand for plastic goes down. The examples go on and on. We are in charge more than we know. Money speaks louder than words, so make your money do the talking.

It really helps me to break it down and really think about what I “vote” for. It is encouraging that a little extra thought every day can make such a huge difference in this big world. Demand better by buying better and we will eventually get better.