Dear Non-vegan Friends,

January 28, 2018

Dear Non-vegan Friends,

I know I used to be one of those people who ate/drank literally anything which probably made me easier to hang out with. The whole vegan thing can seem weird and confusing at first but it’s really pretty simple. Here are some things I’d love for you to know:

  •  Eating a vegan diet means I do not eat any animal products. I’m always surprised when people say things like “Oh, you’re vegan? But do you still eat fish?” To clarify, I don’t eat anything that once had eyes or a heartbeat or anything produced from the secretions of those living things. No, milk is not vegan. It comes from a cow. And cheese is not vegan. It comes from milk.
  •  Feel free to ask questions. I know this whole thing might seem weird or confusing to some. So ask me anything you want to know and I’d be more than happy to explain and share all my reasons for adopting this lifestyle.
  • I’m not going to try to force you to be vegan too. Would I love if you all went 100% plant based with me? Of course! However, I’m not going to push my unsolicited views on you or make you feel bad about the way you eat. On the other hand, If you are thinking about going vegan and need that extra push let me know and I’ll push away!
  • Go ahead, make a little fun. As long as you’re not being a total A-hole, I can take it. When someone asks Steven (my husband) what I’m going to eat for dinner, his typical response is, “Oh, she’ll just go outside and gnaw some bark off the tree”… he thinks he’s funny but he’s supportive and comes from a loving place so I’ll take it. Just know that if you are rude about it, I will probably take that as an opportunity to educate you about all my amazing reasons for adopting this lifestyle.
  •  Please don’t apologize. I know it sounds weird, but believe it or not people are constantly apologizing to me about what they’re eating. There’s no need to apologize for eating meat in front of me or bringing a charcuterie board to a party. People are always saying, “Oh sorry, you can’t eat this.” It’s not that I can’t eat meat and dairy, I choose not to; and I’m happy that I’m not eating that. I don’t expect you to do or not do anything because of my choices.
    On the contrary, if you bring something vegan or leave the cheese on the side of the salad you made, will I, the animals, and the planet love you extra? Definitely.
  •  I’m not judging you. I don’t think I’m better than you and I don’t judge you for what you eat. For some reason “vegan” sometimes comes with that connotation. I don’t forget that not too long ago, my plate looked just like yours. At that time, I thought that’s what I was suppose to be eating. I think everyone should do what they think is right; both morally, for their health, and for the health of others. I’ve put a lot of thought and knowledge into being vegan and it’s undoubtably what feels right to me.
  • Don’t worry about me when we’re eating out. Don’t bother scouring the menu looking for something for me to eat and getting nervous when there seems to be nothing. I appreciate you caring but I know it’s my own responsibility and therefore I probably already did that before I even left the house. Second of all, It’s a lot easier than you’d think and I’ve become a pro at ordering Vegan food at non-vegan restaurants. Third of all, I’ve never even come close to starving to death. I got 99 problems, but starvation ain’t one. With that said, if you choose a restaurant that you know has high quality, fresh, organic food that definitely makes it easier on me.

I think that’s all! I hope this makes it easier on both of us. I sincerely appreciate you caring enough to read.

Love, Natalie