Celebrate Earth Day By Doing These 5 Things Every Day:

April 22, 2018

The Earth provides us with EVERYTHING we need and really doesn’t ask for anything back. It’s a pretty good deal for us! But at this point, we humans are really taking advantage and causing harm that will eventually make Mother Earth unable to provide for all her beings. Here are 5 things you can do (not just on Earth Day, but everyday), to stop causing harm to the very thing that allows us to survive:

  1. Eat Less Animal Products (or even better, none at all!) 75% of Americans consider themselves environmentalists but only 5% are vegan or vegetarian even though Animal Agriculture is responsible for so much harm to our environment. It’s responsible for 91% of the destruction of the Amazon and covers 45% of the Earth’s total land. It’a also responsible for more harmful greenhouse gas emissions than all forms of transportation combined and uses 55% of the water in the U.S.!  When we eat so much meat, dairy, and eggs, we support the destruction of our planet but most people choose to ignore this problem.
  2. Use Less Plastic Once plastic is produced, it stays on this planet forever! It doesn’t breakdown and go back into the earth because it is not created from natural things that this earth can digest. At the very most, it breaks down into tiny particles and becomes part of the ocean and kills all the beautiful ocean wildlife. Our planet can’t survive without the oceans so we must protect them by stopping the mass production of plastic. Watch “A Plastic Ocean” for more information on this subject.
  3. Recycle If you must use plastic, styrofoam or any other materials that are not biodegradable, please rinse them out and recycle. Although recycling doesn’t make these things go away, it at least allows them to get re-used so it doesn’t end up in our landfills and oceans right away.
  4. Use Environmentally Friendly Products Use environmentally friendly and biodegradable products from eco-conscious companies. This includes cleaning products, clothing, bath and body products, cosmetics, energy efficient machines and anything that you can get reusable.
  5. Don’t Waste Don’t keep the water running in the shower or while you’re brushing your teeth. Use less energy or invest in solar power. Drive an electric car. Some of these things can be a big investment at first. I haven’t reached my goals of buying an electric car or converting my home to solar so I’m just trying to cut back wherever I can while I save up for my Tesla 😉

Sources: One Green Planet, Cowspiracy, Eco Watch

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