Accidentally Vegan Halloween Candy

October 27, 2017

Haunted houses, black cats, and ghosts and goblins should all be a little scary on Halloween… but what’s lurking in your big basket of treats could be a bit scary too.

Many candies contain creepy animal products like gelatin from animal cartilage, bones and connective tissues or chemicals from ground up poultry feathers and beetles? There are a lot less frightful ingredients that still make delicious Halloween treats.

I’m not saying any of this candy is healthy just because it’s vegan… but why not leave the animals out of it if you can? Of course, there are great special vegan and organic candies out there that are probably healthier than these but they’re usually a little more expensive to buy in bulk for all your trick-or-treaters and for a holiday like Halloween it’s nice to pass out some of the good ol’ faithful candy that people recognize.

I don’t think any of these big candy brands actually set out to be vegan. They’re most likely animal free by accident because it’s probably cheaper and more sustainable; but we’ll take it.

There are many traditional vegan-friendly candies out there, but here are some of my favorites:

  1. My ultimate fave… Sour Patch Kids! Pucker up because not only are they not real kids, they aren’t made out of any other real animals either!
  2.  Swedish Fish- Thank goodness there is nothing fishy (or cowwy or piggy) about these chewy candies except the shape!
  3. What I bought for Halloween this year… Oreos! I bought the little twin packs of oreos because I feel like every kid loves Oreos and the cream in the middle isn’t actually cream at all. As much as I used to LOVE Oreos, I won’t eat them now because unfortunately I’ve developed a gluten intolerance. This way, I won’t eat any and I will have plenty for my trick-or-treaters (as long as I can keep them hidden from my husband).
  4. Twizzlers- Another crowd pleaser that comes in so many shapes and sizes and doesn’t contain any animal products.
  5. Skittles- Skittles used to contain gelatin but that was removed in 2009 and it is now vegan to taste the rainbow.