Finding harmony between compassion and self-satisfaction 

A Hi Maintenance Hippie is a form of the modern hippie. We are proof that we don’t need to choose between our own well-being and the well-being of others and our planet. We know that we don’t have to give up things like fun, vanity, or our health to be kind. We don’t have to choose between altruism and self-love. We are humane and human.
It’s about balance and figuring out how to live a happy, vibrant life while protecting the beautiful world we live in at the same time; because what’s one without the other, right? We’re on a quest to find balance in the things that might often contradict one another when it comes to food, fashion, beauty, health and consumer products in this confusing world where marketing often controls our decisions more than we know. We’re not perfect, just striving to be better and take the time do dig a little deeper.
This blog will be full of yummy vegan and gluten free recipes, cruelty free products and positive lifestyle changes that I’ve learned and I will continue learning as I research and explore the daunting task of being high maintenance and a hippie at the same time. I’m excited for you to follow along so we can learn and strive to be better together!

Thank you for being here,